AYWA by Sofia santana:

AYWA is a tribal urban brand from Barcelona inspired by the dark feminine and also a proud participant of the Slow Fashion Movement. The brand is an opportunity for dreamers, like Sofia Santana, to express themselves through what they choose to wear. Sofia Santana has avoided the path of mass production and the resulting global waste culture of recent decades. So, working with Etsy has been a deliberate choice for her, permitting to bring her creations directly to you. No false or hyped up advertising. It also facilitates her collaborating with and supporting like-minded creators and artists.​​​​​​​ 
Lookbook Preview Spring/Summer 2021 and Logo Redesign. Editorial and Graphic Design: Karen Corrales V., Photographer: Rocío Zúñiga, Designer: Sofia Santana AYWA on Etsy

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